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Better care for Vets is an organization that supports veterans — those brave men and women known as our nation’s heroes — and seeks to reveal the truth, good or bad, about the care provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). As a representative of the news media, our core mission and primary activity is engaging in the dissemination of information about the VA to the public.

We recognize that organizations vary wildly about their agenda for veterans care. Some want the VA entirely sourced out to the private sector while others blindly support all things VA no matter how atrocious the care. We take a middle ground — reporting both the positive and negative aspects of this large healthcare institution.

Our goals are simple. First, we will endeavor to gather relevant information about patient safety in this special segment of our population. This is done through reviewing the VA’s own reports such as those found on the Office of Inspector General website, and when necessary we will interview VA employees and file Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests of senior VA leadership.  Second, from this raw material, we will use our substantial medical expertise to edit and interpret and provide you with a distinct and objective analysis. Lastly, nothing will be withheld and all information will be distributed to our emerging national audience.

2019 promises to be an interesting year for us. We plan to become a 501c nonprofit organization and deliver impactful reports and key insights about veterans care everywhere. And from the trends in the mainstream news, we’ll have no shortage of VA investigations to review.

As always, please contact us with any ideas or suggestions for upcoming articles. We’ll do our best to get these published.

Thank you and to our Veteran audience – Thank you for your service

Professor Sam

Note: Professor Sam is an investigative web-blogger concerned with enhancing public awareness about care delivered through the department of Veterans Affairs. The professor is affiliated with a large university and intimate with the workings of the VA. The professor is friend and confidante to many VA employees, both active and retired. But because of the VA’s history of medical center leadership creating a culture of fear and retaliation — see the report from National Public Radio — Prof. Sam prefers to use a pseudonym. The Professor is concerned that should the identity be revealed, negative action may be taken against these hard-working, dedicated VA employees.